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Charles Bukowski Funeral Card

Charles Bukowski Funeral Card

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I put this in the broadside category for lack of a better spot, but it does contain an excerpt from a poem.

This is the funeral card for those invited to Bukowski’s funeral, which took place on Monday, March 14, 1994, at Green Hills Mortuary Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

It consists of a single sheet of paper folded twice, with printing on four pages.

The second page features an excerpt from Bukowski’s classic poem, If We take. The poem was published as the 1970 Black Sparrow Press New Years Greeting and appeared in four Bukowski collections and three periodicals over the years.

I’ve owned a few copies of these over the years and the printing is the same quality. There are a few faint wrinkles here and there, but overall in Near Fine condition.

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