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Signed by Pamela “Cupcakes” Wood: Charles Bukowski's Scarlette:, Limited (#13/50)

Signed by Pamela “Cupcakes” Wood: Charles Bukowski's Scarlette:, Limited (#13/50)

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Bukowski met Pamela Wood in 1975 and the two had an up and down romance for two years. He wrote several poems about her, three of which ended up in 1976’s Scarlette, a beautifully designed book featuring four poems about Woods. Only 140 signed and numbered copies of the regular edition were produced, and another 40 in an even more elaborate edition of 40 copies handbound by Emily Payne with a drawing by Bukowski on the cover.

She would also be the basis of on one of the characters in Bukowski’s novel, Women.

Published in 2010, this copy is in Mint condition and is signed on the last leaf by Woods and hand-numbered #13/50.

From the publisher
It began as a whim” —an impulsive meeting between the iconic Charles Bukowski and his famed muse, Pamela “Cupcakes” Wood and led to a two-year relationship that Wood chronicles in this straightforward memoir. Her story is refreshingly blunt as she details their often ridiculous, yet charming relationship.

This is a Bukowski enthusiast’s dream—a total immersion into his life with the independent and spirited “Scarlet,” the woman he wrote about in the book of the same name, plus many poems. She appears as “Tammie” in Bukowski’s book Women.

Who is Scarlet? What was the powerful chemistry between Bukowski and the woman whose identity intrigued so many? Written with engaging wit, this is an insightful, honest recollection of their life together: loving, humorous, complicated and, at times, outrageous. We see Buk as a gifted, flawed man and glimpse his simmering violence when under the influence of alcohol, yet we appreciate him for his deeply sensitive and compassionate underlying nature.

“. . . This is the real deal. Well-written, vivid and moving. While reading it I felt as though I was there in the living room with her and Bukowski.”
     —Dan Fante, author of 86’d and Chump Change

“. . . Scarlet reminds the reader of why they admire Charles Bukowski, deepening their understanding of a complex and ultimately loveable personality.”
     —Howard Sounes, author of the classic Bukowski biography Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life                                              

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